Water quality has matters

 The human body is 70% water. Many of our major organs are composed of 80% to 90 % water.

However most people don’t realize the importance of drinking water.

Water is the main medium in the body's metabolic processes. It helps remove wastes from the body and helps maintain our internal chemical balance. We require 2 ~3 liters of water per day to balance and cleanse the interior of our body.




Scientists discovered a clue to health & longevity in the villages of Yuzurihara in Japan, Turpan of Xingjiang in China, Fenzha in Pakistan and the Caucasus area in Europe. The people living in these regions have a longer average life span than people in other areas of the world. One of the characteristics of these 'long-life' areas is their natural drinking water which contains no pollution, has a small molecular structure and is slightly alkaline. This natural drinking water contains high percentage of active hydrogen ions. When consumed, these active hydrogen ions act as free radical scavengers by reacting with react with active oxygen ions in the body.


Bottled Water

Most bottled water is either pure, distilled water or mineral / spring water. To prevent bacterial growth and promote sanitary packaging, some manufacturers use chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in bottles as a sterilant. This gives the water slightly a acidic pH value.


Water quality

Doctors recommend to drink about 2 liters of water every day. But which water is the best for our body? The answer is simple. Not a bottled water or only purified water - alkaline water. Ionized water gives great benefits to ours body, supports its work, facilitates the fight against substances and compounds that harm our health and make that our frame of mind is not good.