Take care of your health - drink alkaline water daily!

Alkaline water

Feel younger and healthy. Antioxidant properties fight disease and cancer.

Clean and healthy water at home. Get it out of tap water.

Natural balance of health. Save money on medicines and supplements.

Japanese medicine has shown that no disease develops in the alkaline center.

Benefits of drinking

Drink alkaline water every day to make the best gift you can give yourself and your body.

The negative ions in the alkaline water support the immune system.

Alkaline water better hydrates the body and helps to remove toxins.

Is a natural antioxidant, slows the aging of body cells.

About us

Our company is based in Poland and we send our equipment to all European Union countries. Shipping takes about three to seven days. You do not have to worry about any inconvenience with the service. We also service the equipment. Order a water ionizer and enjoy the wonderful properties of drinking alkaline water.

ENTELIS Rafal Frankowski
Street: Strozki 31d
Post code: 64-510
City: Wronki
Country: Poland
Mail: info@water-ionizer.eu
Phone: +48 796 350 320


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